The Learning Photographer

Andrea Buenafe is a self-taught photographer, born and raised in the Philippines, currently living in Qatar. Her interest in photography began in 2013 when she got lost in the Souq in Doha and discovered interesting angles to play with using her mobile camera. She continuously aims to learn more and mold her craft in photography.

Reflection of Appreciation

Andrea’s photos are reflections of how she appreciates her surroundings. She challenges herself to always find beauty in everything – the tiny cloud in a pale blue sky over the museum, perfect curve of the road under construction, birds flying on a filthy street, light trails on a busy highway.


2016 – ‘Thailand through Her Eyes’: Women’s Journey Thailand

Hosted by the Tourism of Thailand, Andrea represented Qatar in the Women’s Journey Thailand, a program that gathered female photographers and influencers from around the world to see the beauty of Thailand.

2017 – First Katara Photography Festival

Katara organised the first edition of the Katara Photography Festival in Qatar through an exhibition where Andrea joined well-known photographers of different nationalities, to celebrate communities and their art.


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